• Commercial, shop or office space
  • Race: Any



➡️Available for short term , DISCOUNT for Long Term
➡️All rooms is PRIVATE room sharing
➡️Provide WEEKLY cleaning services

Room Amenities | Perabot
➡️Bedframe with Mattress | Bingkai Rangka dengan Tilam
➡️Wardrobe | Aalmari pakaian
➡️Study Table with Chair | Jadual Meja dengan Kerusi | Kerusi

Home Amenities | Peralatan awam
➡️Wi-fi | Internet
➡️Washing Machine | Mesin Cuci
➡️Fridge | Peti Sejuk
➡️Water Heater | Pemanas Air
➡️Aircond / Fan | Air con dan kipas
➡️Clothes Rack | Rak kasut
➡️Water Filter | Air minuman

✌️Prefer Malaysian

Facilities & Amenities
  • Air condition
  • Cooking Allowed
  • Internet
  • Near KTM/LRT
  • Washing Machine
  • Bus Station within 300 M
  • LRT/KTM Station within 300 M

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